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Accompany’s developed comprehensive, real-time profiles for hundreds of millions of professionals, creating one of the richest databases of decision makers in the world. Our AI-driven database provided rich, relevant insights for millions of people and companies, so our users could always find the right people and build stronger relationships.


Founded in 2013 by Amy Chang, Matthias Ruhl, and Ryan McDonough. Accompany was headquartered in Los Altos, California. The company was backed by CRV, ICONIQ Capital, Ignition Partners and Cowboy Ventures. Over the course of 3 funding rounds, Accompany raised $40.5M.


Accompany was acquired by Cisco Systems in May 2018 for for $270 million in cash and assumed equity awards.

Accompany – The executive’s best friend.

Wish you had someone working through the night, constantly looking out for you, searching for information to make your days run more smoothly? Accompany delivers all your people and company research right to you so you can be ready for anything.

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Meeting prep, delegated.

Anytime we detect someone new in your calendar, you’ll get an Executive Briefing delivered right to your inbox while you sleep. Everything you need to get up to speed, including professional history, relevant news, and key info on their company, is at your fingertips.



Put a face to the name in one tap.

So busy in back-to-back meetings you literally don’t even have time to use the bathroom? We get it. Let us help you get up to speed fast with everything you need on the person waiting for you in that conference room.



Any data point, for any company. One tap.

Wish you had a horde of research analysts at your beck and call, waiting to serve you the latest insights on the companies that pique your interest? Financials, quarterly reports, and SEC filings are never more than a tap away.



Always be in the know.

Real time news feeds custom built around your contacts and the companies you care about. We’re talking about high signal to noise, objective news with no cat videos and no ads.



Rich insights on your contacts right inside Gmail.

Are you drowning in email? The least we can do is throw you a life jacket. Let us help you figure out which emails even warrant a reply by showing you who those people are.

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Accompany – The largest database of senior decision makers in the world.

While only 54% of Fortune 500 CEOs have LinkedIn profiles, Accompany has comprehensive, real-time profiles for every single one. Our AI-driven database provides rich, relevant insights so you can always find the right prospects and build stronger relationships.

Accompany’s profiles provide significantly more data points that are continuously refreshed real-time. Our profiles are built by scouring billions of pages on the web and aggregating all of the information in one place—from the latest news on the person, to all their public bios, to their social feeds. That’s the power of our data platform.

Gain a competitive edge with insights you’ve never seen before.


Comprehensive, at-a-glance org maps are layered with proprietary insights, allowing you to quickly pinpoint important clients or prospects, competitive affiliations, rising stars, super-connectors and more within the client organization.


E.g. Who are the superconnectors in this prospect’s org who have shown more openness/propensity toward external tooling and ideas.

Discover prospects you can’t find anywhere else.


Accompany filters through billions of data points to help you identify and connect with the exact people you’re looking for, uncovering high-potential targets that others miss.


E.g. Find executives in Chicago, who are female, who have expressed an interest in socially-conscious investing or retirement planning.

Make it personal and keep those relationships tight.


Never miss an opportunity to reach out with real-time news, insights, and executive briefings on the people and companies in your network. Unlock effortless, one touch relationship management.


E.g. As soon as your client joins that new board, we send you a notification so you can be the first to say congrats.
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Cisco Acquires Accompany - May 2018

Cisco to acquire Accompany for $270 million in cash

On May 10th, 2018 Cisco announced the close of its acquisition of Accompani, Inc., a privately-held company headquartered in Los Altos, CA with an office in Portland, OR and does business under the name of “Accompany.”


Accompany develops a relationship intelligence platform and has built one of the richest databases of decision makers in the world.  Their solutions are AI-driven and are designed to help users stay up to date on executive and company news for the purposes of prospecting, selling and relationship building.


Amy Chang, Accompany founder and CEO is now Cisco’s SVP for the Collaboration Technology Group, and as part of that move, she resigned from Cisco’s Board of Directors at time of announce.


Accompany technology provides Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio with relationship intelligence capabilities and talent. Accompany’s technology will help enhance the Cisco Webex platform and suite of services by adding intelligence and contextual user information into meeting and team collaboration experiences. This application can also potentially be extended into the Customer Journey solutions portfolio enabling customer service teams to have better insights on customers prior to their interactions.


The acquisition of Accompany will enable Cisco to utilize expert AI technology and talent to accelerate development across the collaboration portfolio. Upon completion of the transaction, Accompany employees will join Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group under Amy’s leadership.

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Accompany’s CEO, Amy Chang, is now Cisco’s SVP of the Collaboration Technology Group.

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