Mastering the Perfect Pourover

Anyone who has spent any time with me knows that I take my coffee very seriously. Over the years, I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with making the perfect pour over at home and on the road. I’m a Blue Bottle loyalist from their early Oakland days and still appreciate my morning Bella Donavan.

Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle


Terrific, by degree electric kettle. I keep mine set at 202° F using the hold switch on the back of the base. I set the kettle down between pours to keep the temperature consistent.

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder


Good coffee deserves a good grinder. While some folks have mixed experience with these grinders, I’ve been using them for years. Love the ability to set the burr height by adjusting the hopper to get the right grind for my preferences.

Fellow’s Ode Brew Grinder | For those who like variety

I have this grinder in the guest suite/home office. It is designed to pour in a single serving of beans and then grind perfectly before shutting off. Build quality is fantastic, but I find it to be much messier than the Bodum. The cup generates quite a bit of static electricity and requires some counter clean up after putting it in the filter. That said, great solution for people who like to vary the type of coffee they brew throughout the day.

Blue Bottle Coffee.


I’m a huge Blue Bottle Fan, using their pour over ceramic and filters when I’m at home.

STAGG [XF] FILTERS | Perfect fit for Blue Bottle flat bottom filters


The larger Stagg filters from Fellow are a perfect fit for the Blue Bottle ceramic pour over. I love that they stick well above the ceramic to make removing and tossing into the compost easy. The smaller size and the Blue Bottle filters sit flush with the top of the ceramic. Since I like really strong coffee using a lot of beans, I find bigger is better in this case.

Quest for the Perfect Mug

Hand & Hide Felt Mason Jar Handle


I found these over on Etsy from a Portland-based company. Fits all wide mouth pint (16 oz) sized mason jars. Like that if I’m driving and am worried about spilling during travel, I can just screw on a standard mason jar cap.

Eva Solo Porcelain Coffee Tumblers with Silicone Sleeve


I go with the taller latte size. Good way to enjoy a morning cup without melting fingers or needing a handle.

Coffee on the Road

Snow Peak – Perfect Travel Pour Over


Stainless steel, folding travel pour over. With a few extra folds, works perfectly with #4 filters.

Porlex Mini Grinder II


After Blue Bottle discontinued their single-serve perfectly ground packs, I ended up picking this up on a business trip. Slow going but definitely gets the job done when traveling. Combined with a collapsible silicone kettle, you can make some great cups of coffee in a hotel room.

Go Bag.


My go to travel kit includes:

  • Timbuku bag with enameled mugs and felt holders
  • Snow Peak folding travel pour over
  • Porlex Mini Grinder II hand grinder