Office Design

Office as a Second Home

Studies challenging the collaborative aspects of open office spaces miss the fundamental benefit of making a space feel inviting. Long hours in the office to meet a client deliverable, dinner with your colleagues 50 feet from your desk, all feel less like work when you feel like you are at home.

Getting Started


20 day remodel of the Accompany HQ. 6,697 lbs of flooring, 23 gallons of paint & 1 new kitchen. 2.5 weeks of demolition, sanding, scraping, coordinating contractors, trips to the hardware store, more trips to the hardware store, endless IKEA deliveries, Craigslist hunts, etc., the work on the new Accompany HQ was completed. We ended up with dozens of allen wrenches and enough cardboard to build the fort of our 5 year old dreams.


Kitchen as home.

Summer dinner in the garden. We made sure to keep the space flexible and easy to rearrange, with plastic skids on all furniture for sliding things around based on need.

Celebrating moments.


Enjoying the company.

Annexing space.
After (above)/Before (below)

What a difference removing a pony wall and built-ins can make. Also a huge fan of the call booths we installed.

Remodeling the carport to make an outdoor garden.


We had some great neighbors who loved the idea of a shared space where we could take meetings, calls or just enjoy the great weather. Putting in a layer of IKEA decking tiles (think adult LEGOs), we were able to put a deck down in a few hours and have an outdoor space that immediately made an office feel immensely larger.